Debt Recovery

We act for both creditors who are owed money and debtors who owe money.

We will assist you in assessing whether a debt is worth the time and trouble to pursue or defend. The following factors should be considered:

  • The amount of the debt – very small debts under $1,000.00 are often not worth the trouble, time and expense of recovery proceedings
  • The quality of your evidence – you should not make judgments about the strength of the evidence. This is our job and we are trained to make those judgments. Even if you do not have written evidence we may still assist you
  • The ability of the debtor to pay – this is an important consideration for creditors. In order to assess the debtor’s ability to pay it is wise to make initial investigations of the debtor’s assets and/or income. There is no value in “throwing good money after bad”. We can assist you with these and other investigations.