Leases & Licences

When purchasing an existing business or setting up a new business it is essential to ensure that you have the ongoing right to occupy any rented property. Whether you are entering into a commercial lease or a lease governed by the provisions of the Retail Leases Act, you should employ the services of an experienced solicitor who can point out the pitfalls that may be inherent in the lease you are about to execute. We shall be pleased to assist you to negotiate appropriate terms, draft adequate clauses, deal with real estate agents and solicitors for the landlord and act in a way that your rights are protected and your obligations are particularised.

If you are a landlord and wish to ensure that your property is securely let out, with an enforceable lease, then the commercial staff at Alpass & Associates can prepare a commercial lease or a retail tenancies lease, bearing in mind the law governing these leases and the essential terms that should be included to maximise your return.

Licences are sometimes more appropriate in commercial settings where, as a landlord, you do not want to give more than a limited right to occupy and not incur the obligation imposed by the Retail Leases Act.