Intervention Orders

Unfortunately when a marital or de facto relationship breaks down there are often heated emotions and sometimes those emotions can boil over into physical and verbal confrontations between the parties.

There is extensive legislation in Victoria concerning the granting of Intervention Orders and we have frequently seen cases in which a husband (or indeed, a wife) has been removed from their own home by the granting of an Intervention Order.

It is also our experience that parties make all sorts of allegations against each other in Intervention Order Applications and often not all of those allegations stand up to close examination in a Court.

Unfortunately, we often see people who have chosen to “save” costs and appear at an Intervention Order hearing unrepresented. The all too common result of this is that they end up very unhappy as the Orders sometimes prevent them from returning to their homes. Often these Orders impact on child access arrangements and effect the conduct of future Court disputes.

We are experienced at both making and defending Applications for Intervention Orders. We are able to see people at short notice should they require advice or assistance with these matters.