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Family & Divorce Solicitors, Ringwood and nearby areas 

As specialised Ringwood divorce and family lawyers, it is our experience that some people are reluctant to obtain proper legal advice in relation to their family law issues as they are concerned that the advice will be costly.

Instead, they proceed on the basis of dubious advice from well-meaning friends and/or information from the internet.

It is true that legal representation in divorce and family law matters can be expensive, however, the consequences of not dealing with matters properly can be:

  • An inappropriate settlement can be entered into which results in you receiving much less than your entitlement at law (and ultimately costs you much more than it would cost to obtain appropriate advice).
  • A settlement deal can be brokered but not properly formalised and matters can fall apart down the track when lives have changed and new partners have intervened.

The Family Law Reports contain many cases in which parties have had “another bite” at settlements many years after informal deals have been brokered and we strongly recommend that all separating parties receive at least basic family law advice as to their entitlements. Our family law firm services Ringwood, Kilsyth, Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas.

Our family and divorce lawyers in Ringwood provide experienced family law advice in relation to a wide range of family law matters including children’s matters, property matters and intervention orders.

If you require any advice please do not hesitate to contact us or call our Ringwood family law firm on 9725 0377.

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